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Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles
Ketamine Healing Clinic
of Los Angeles & Orange County
Discover how Ketamine may help relieve your depression, anxiety, or pain

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Ketamine can provide relief for Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD.
Am I a candidate for Ketamine...
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Ketamine can be a more effective and safer alternative for chronic pain management when compared to surgery and opiates.
Am I a candidate for Ketamine...
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Ketamine has been shown to significantly reduce cravings for alcohol and marijuana.
Call or text us to find out if you're a candidate for alcohol and marijuana taper program at (424)278-4241 for our Los Angeles location or (949)514-8261 for our Orange County location
Am I a candidate for Ketamine...
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At-Home Nasal Ketamine Spray.
A nasal Ketamine spray may be prescribed following conclusion of the infusion series to patients who qualify. Call today to find out more.
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Ketamine Healing - Effective Treatment for Depression

At the Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles & Orange County, each IV Ketamine infusion is specifically tailored to each patient. Dr. David will take into account many variables such as your age, weight, medication use, etc. before making your infusion, and will sit down and talk with you both before and after each and every infusion. For patients that qualify, we prescribe an at-home Ketamine nasal spray to continue the benefits of the IV infusions, so “booster” infusions, if needed, are less often.

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For our Los Angeles location, please call (424)278-4241 for a complimentary phone consultation or email at

For the Orange County location, please call (949)514-8261 for a complimentary phone consultation or email at

Conditions We Treat


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Psychiatric Medication Taper

Additional Services

At-Home Ketamine Therapy (30 day supply - Use as needed & at your own pace - For patients that have completed the 5-6 IV infusion series)

Spiritually Guided Ketamine Sessions with a former Monk (in office or via Zoom)

Ketamine Assisted Therapy with a Psychologist (in office or via Zoom)

Why Choose the Ketamine Healing Clinic

Top Rated Ketamine Treatment Doctor

Marita N.


I was referred to this clinic by my brother who knew I suffered from anxiety and depression. I was skeptical and thought “oh no! I don’t do drugs!” Well let me tell you…it has changed my life in so many ways. I am an “A” type personality-everything had to be perfect and that in and… Continue reading

Judy S.


I’ve struggled with unipolar and sometimes suicidal depression for over 20 years. While anti-depressives have made a major impact, menopause changed my body chemistry so much that even tweaks in anti-depressants weren’t helping. A dear friend told me about Ketamine and my psychiatrist, the Chief Medical Director for the LA Country Dept of Mental Health,… Continue reading



The treatment helped me access joy and gently encouraged me to fearlessly ‘pick up the red thread and start sewing’. I also felt strong in my body like the ketamine alchemised pain to strength connecting me to my body in a way I hadn’t in a long time after a maze of pain and in… Continue reading



Walked in tense, in pain, severely depressed, and full of anxiety. Dr Farzad David Mahjoubi was attentive, compassionate, caring and skilled he really listened to what I had to say. This was one of many visits where I was treated with great care and kindness. The infusion he made for me brought may pain down… Continue reading



When I got there Elina was really nice and helped me out with the paperwork. When it was time for me to go back for my treatment, Dr. Mahjoubi took me into the room and asked me questions that helped give him an idea of why I was there and let me ask questions as… Continue reading

yelp icon
Jennifer B. Arts District, Los Angeles, CA
15 friends
5 reviews


I always feel safe here. The staff are kind and friendly. I trust Dr. M & always look forward to visiting. The healing & ability it brings my wracked body are miraculous. In my over 2 decades of living with chronic illness & pain & the anxiety & depression that brings, this is the most… Continue reading

yelp icon
Melissa B. Beverly Hills, CA
1 friends
9 reviews


I never felt that I truly struggled with depression, but I have taken SSRI’s years back, and this past year took an emotional toll on me that continued to slowly creep in without my awareness. I felt helpless. A friend of mine recommended ketamine treatments and I came across Dr. David with his customized and… Continue reading

yelp icon
Joshua S. Central LA, West Hollywood, CA
5 reviews


I normally don’t write reviews but I feel this is definitely warranted. I was in a very bad place when coming here. Elina, Dr. Mahjoubi, and the nurse(I’m sorry, I forgot her name, but she is an maxing person as well) are so pleasant, kind, competent and caring. I’ve gotten 5 infusions, and feel such… Continue reading

Michael P.
Michael P. Santa Monica, CA
13 friends
11 reviews


Dr. Mahjoubi is a very friendly doctor. My depression has improved greatly since I began seeing him. A lot of doctors just care about making money and quality care takes a back seat. That is NOT the case with Dr. M. He puts quality care first! I highly recommend Dr. M for those struggling with… Continue reading

Justin T.
Justin T. Long Beach, CA
247 friends
57 reviews


If you’re looking for a possible, positive life changing experience, this is the place. I am truly amazed with every experience I’ve had here. From Intake to the infusion itself, Dr Mahjoubi and his team are very professional and welcoming. Alina answered any questions I had during the intake. The Dr. explained everything in great… Continue reading

Jose F.
256 friends
8 reviews


My life has drastically improved since coming here. I’ve been suffering from chronic panic disorder, chronic depression, and other behavioral problems. I’ve been on countless medications (Prozac, Cymbalta, Abilify, Ativan, Valium, Ambien, Vyvanse, Adderall, Klonopin, you name it) and I’ve had horrible side effects with nearly every single one of them. After ONE visit I… Continue reading

Katie O.
Katie O. Cypress Village, Irvine, CA
9 reviews


I cannot say enough positive things! Dr. David and his staff are life-changing! I’ve suffered from severe anxiety and depression for most of my adult life. Recently it was the worst it’s ever been. I was to the point where if this didn’t work, I was completely ready to carry out my “plan.” Well.. this… Continue reading

Rick H.
Rick H. Palmdale, CA
9 reviews


As usual doctor Mahjoubi was caring and courteous as a person could be, discussed my last dose my next dose anything I felt during or in between. and I can’t say enough about Doctor David’s new Sleepinox sleep medication it’s the best thing I’ve tried for sleep in 70 years!

Quinn B.
Quinn B. Irvine, CA
564 friends
165 reviews


I tried four other Ketamine clinics before I found the Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles. This clinic is BY FAR the best clinic in Southern California. Dr. Mahjoubi is an incredible doctor who personalizes his care for each patient and monitors the entire experience unlike other Ketamine Clinics where the doctors just hook you… Continue reading

yelp icon
Gia S. Los Angeles, CA
3 reviews


I started Ketamine treatments originally for my Depression and Anxiety a few years ago after trying several Antidepressants and non of them seemed to work. At first I was apprehensive because it’s not your traditional approach but was so desperate for relief that I thought I had nothing to lose. After a few treatments I… Continue reading


  • I am a suicide survivor, and I suffer from suicidal ideations. After attempting to take my life, I spent a month at an in-patient psych ward to address my condition. When medication alone did not alleviate my suicidal thoughts, I completed twelve electroconvulsive therapy sessions. The ECT removed many years of memories, but it did… Continue reading

  • The Katamine Healing Clinic provides compassionate care and an environment where I feel safe. It’s a very vulnerable experience and the staff and Dr. Mahjoubi are incredible, keep you informed, are always available to answer questions and follow up and check in after treatments. Highly recommend this clinic.

  • This is probably my 20th infusion here (for pain, mental health benefits are a fantastic side effect!) and as always, clean, professional, friendly, efficient but not ever rushed. Looking forward to the rest of my scheduled appointments!

  • I’ve struggled with unipolar and sometimes suicidal depression for over 20 years. While anti-depressives have made a major impact, menopause changed my body chemistry so much that even tweaks in anti-depressants weren’t helping. A dear friend told me about Ketamine and my psychiatrist, the Chief Medical Director for the LA Country Dept of Mental Health,… Continue reading

    Judy S.
  • I am so glad that my previous job recommended me Dr. Mahjoubi. Elena who is the front desk receptionist is very kind and helps you through any questions that you have. Dr. Mahjoubi is an amazing doctor who truly cares for his patients. I have been dealing with depression for 8 years, I’ve taken so… Continue reading

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A Note from The Doctor

Hello and thank you for reading about my practice. I opened my Ketamine clinic in 2015, one of the first in Los Angeles, in order to provide an effective alternative therapy to battling Major Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, & chronic pain, amongst other conditions. My motive for starting the Ketamine Healing Clinic was personal- I watched family members and friends over the years battle Depression and Anxiety without relief from standard therapies and treatments.

There are many clinics now around the country offering Ketamine treatments. Be wary of those that have you seen by anyone other than a Physician- the Medical Director should see you for at least most of your infusions both before and after an infusion to determine the correct dose. Additionally, many clinics adhere to a formula of 0.5 mg per kilogram for each infusion, not taking into account a patient's medication profile or tolerance level. Some provide the Ketamine with an intramuscular injection, while others provide it through the nasal route. The most efficacious route is intravenously over one hour.

Here at the Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles and Orange County, we believe each patient needs a tailored approach. Therefore Ketamine infusions are not made until after I speak with you before each infusion, and typically start above 0.5 mg/kg (but not always- this is patient dependent). Dosage is increased with every visit as tolerated. At the Ketamine Healing Clinic, we also believe that a significant part of the therapeutic mechanism is the dissociative experience. Thus after each session I speak to you about your thoughts during the infusion experience, as discussing them may have beneficial effects.

Following conclusion of the infusion series many patients see a sustained, long term benefit without the need for supplemental Ketamine. Some may need to microdose occasionally and that is why we are one of only a few clinics in the world to offer the at-home Ketamine nasal spray (aerosolized generic Ketamine which is different from "Spravato"). The at-home spray is meant to decrease the number of supplemental infusions some patients need after their initial infusion series, and thus overall healthcare cost. The at home spray is reserved for patients that have not responded to (or have stopped responding to) traditional psychotropic medications and/or cognitive therapy. In the case of chronic pain, tradition modalities of pain need to have been tried before.

I invite you for a no cost phone consultation. Please email or call me if you have any questions:, (424) 278-4241.


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