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Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles
Ketamine Healing Clinic
of Los Angeles
Discover how Ketamine therapy can relieve depression and pain
Ketamine relieves Depression & Anxiety
Am I a candidate for Ketamine...
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Ketamine has a 90% efficacy rate for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Am I a candidate for Ketamine...
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Ketamine relieves pain
Ketamine has been shown in multiple studies to effectively block pain at the receptor level. Call today for a free consultation to find out if your Chronic pain syndrome is responsive to Ketamine.
Am I a candidate for Ketamine...
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Ketamine relieves the symptoms of Depression, PTSD, and Anxiety in over 80% of patients.
Ketamine reduces the symptoms of Depression without the side effects commonly associated with mainstream anti-depressive medication.
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At-Home Nasal Ketamine Spray.
*An intranasal Ketamine spray is prescribed to all patients following conclusion of the treatments to continue the benefits of IV Ketamine. Call today to find out more about our novel approach.
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Ketamine Healing - Effective Treatment for Depression

At the Ketamine Healing Clinic of L.A., each IV Ketamine infusion is specifically tailored to each patient. Dr. David will take into account many variables such as your age, weight, medication use, etc. before making your infusion, and will sit down and talk with you both before and after each and every infusion. For patients that opt in, we prescribe an at-home Ketamine nasal spray to continue the benefits of the IV infusions, so “booster” infusions, if needed, are less often.

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Questions About Ketamine?

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Conditions We Treat

Mood: Major Depression, Suicidal Ideation, Bi-Polar Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD & CPTSD), Generalized Anxiety, Alcoholism, Marijuana Craving/Addiction, Post-Partum Depression, negative rumination.

Pain: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS, also refereed to as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), Migraines, Stress-induced Arthritic pain, Ankylosing Spondylitis, other neuropathic pain conditions.

Why Choose the Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles

Top Rated Ketamine Treatment Doctor

Andrea W. yelp avatar
Andrea W. Santa Monica, CA
50 friends
36 reviews


Dr. Mahjoubi is a wonderful doctor. I came in with some reservations….do I really want to try this new form of therapy for depression? I had heard about ketamine from a Ted talk and the more I thought about it and talked with people who had undergone the therapy, the more I realized it may  … Read more

Sasha K. yelp avatar
Sasha K. Okemos, MI
2 friends
5 reviews


After researching several options for infusions, I contacted Dr. M. He worked with me to find the best solution for me. His response to my questions and ability to listen and connect with me as his patient is unmatched. He is truly a healer. Patient. Calm. Reassuring. I have had years of complicated chronic pain  … Read more

L.L. M. yelp avatar
L.L. M. Burbank, CA
1 friends
23 reviews


Had my first ketamine IV session for my chronic treatment-resistant depression three days ago. I have had years of therapy, multiple meds, and I’m DONE! Have to break out of this debilitating illness. So I made an appt, got in same day. Reception area average, no wait, office staff distracted, a bit noisy. Dr Majoub  … Read more

Randall C. yelp avatar
Randall C. Los Angeles, CA
429 friends
2 reviews


Dr. Mahjoub and his staff are incredible! For as long as I could remember I’ve suffered with treatment-resistant depression. I lost nearly all hope until I found Ketamine Healing. I was a bit nervous about the whole process as I had only read some tidbits online. I had no real understanding of how the process  … Read more

yelp icon
J M. Tampa, FL
0 friends
1 reviews


Dr. Mahjoubi was kind, attentive and very professional! I was in search of a solution for my resistant depression and figured I’d give ketamine infusions a shot. I feel more positive, relaxed and overall better after the 5 infusions I received. Not only that but he is much more affordable than his competitors and is  … Read more

James J. yelp avatar
James J. Tustin, CA
28 friends
6 reviews


For some reason my review does not show up as a recommendation for this business. That’s bogus and unfair. I have been seeing Dr. M. for nearly a year now and I do highly recommend him. In case Yelp doesn’t think I’m real I go for treatments every two weeks for bipolar depression and you’re  … Read more

yelp icon
Jay S. Los Angeles, CA
5 friends
15 reviews


I took a relative to Dr. Mahjoubi for depression and he has been fantastic. He is an outstanding professional and very knowledgeable about proper care for her condition. Her depression is almost completely resolved. We are so thankful to have found him.

yelp icon
Dan N. Los Angeles, CA
1 friends
5 reviews


My sister received the ketamine infusions with Dr. Mahjoubi after 20 years of severe depression which seemed to have developed a resistance to the meds. We were skeptical at first about Ketamine but Dr. Mahjoubi really is in it to help people, and boy did it help. Her depression seemed like it was almost gone  … Read more

yelp icon
David Y. Los Angeles, CA
2 friends
4 reviews


I took my close friend to Dr. David Mahjoubi for three treatments spread over 7 days. Wow what a difference the treatment made! She is now using the spray and has a different outlook on life. I’m definitely a believer now.

yelp icon
James B. McAllen, TX
0 friends
1 reviews


Dr. M offered a solution that is not available to many suffering. I had been through the pill game with all the SSRI, SNRI, benzodiazepines, AP, and AAPs with little benefit and major side effects. I knew I just didn’t feel right, so I searched and searched until I found Dr.M. I went through the  … Read more

mary ayne m
Mary Layne M. Canoga Park, Los Angeles, CA
428 friends
2 reviews


Dr. Mahjoubi is so kind and knowledgeable about the whole ketamine therapy process the staff here shows so much care for the patients and really genuinely want you to feel good I’ve seen significant improvements to my mood and motivation and sleep cycle since doing 5 infusions I was also prescribed the nasal spray and  … Read more

paulo z
Paulo Z. Redmond, WA
0 friends
1 reviews


I had a long lasting trauma caused by bad doctors (they put a new trauma on top of the original one), This clinic, doctor and the nurses really helped me overcome that, both the original trauma and the bad doctors. I recommend to anybody that had a bad treatment before… at the same time I  … Read more

yelp icon
Rick H. Palmdale, CA
0 friends
4 reviews


I was really blessed that my wife scoured the internet for days and found Ketamine healing clinic and Dr. Mahjoubi. I’ve had 4 treatments so far and the pain relief benefits are very special. I’ve been to all the pain mgmt doctors where I live, which is in Palmdale (so I have a long drive  … Read more

Aaron B.
Aaron B. Long Beach, CA
128 friends
1 reviews


Dr. Mahjoubi is undoubtedly the best doctor I’ve ever been treated by. He is kind, professional, caring, and knowledgeable. He is also unbelievably accessible. From my first phone call I was dealing directly with him, not a receptionist, and not a nurse. Every correspondence was directly with Dr. Mahjoubi and his response time is unheard  … Read more

J S.
J M. Los Angeles, CA
0 friends
9 reviews


Ketamine Healing has been amazing for me in many ways; it’s completely cured my PTSD, made a dramatic dent in anxiety and OCD, and helped a great deal with depression. If you’ve checked out all the doctors doing these treatments, you’ll appreciate that Dr. M. is the best. He adjusts dosing depending on what you  … Read more


  • Hello. I never post feedback but I had such a positive experience I thought it would be wrong. From my initial inquiry to my first visit, I was immediately impressed with the professionalism by the staff and the Doctor. Ok, first of all the office is gorgeous, clean and organized. And you want to hear  … Read more

    Adam S.
  • Dr. Mahjoubi and the Ketamine nasal spray treatments have changed my life for the better in a way that I didn’t believe was possible. I have had chronic depression and anxiety my entire life, starting as far back as 8 years old, I am 40 now. Over the years I have seen many psychiatrists and  … Read more

    Brian M.
  • Dr. Mahjoubi is a miracle worker. He is passionate, caring, attentive, and overall a pleasure to deal with. If not for him and his lovely staff, there would definitely be more hospitalizations. Do not hesitate to reach out to them, they will take care of you and put your life back on track. This is  … Read more

  • Wish All MD’s share his kindness, thoughtfulness, patience, and methods. The clinic is a calm peaceful environment from office staff for appointments, professional nursing staff always with a smile. They are constantly monitoring patients during sessions. His treatments are individualized based on you as a patient, he also listens and answers any questions and will  … Read more

    Duke T.
  • I was really blessed that my wife scoured the internet for days and found Ketamine healing clinic and Dr. Mahjoubi. I’ve had 4 treatments so far and the pain relief benefits are very special. I’ve been to all the pain mgmt doctors where I live, which is in Palmdale (so I have a long drive  … Read more

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A Note from The Doctor

Hello and thank you for reading about my practice. I opened my clinic over five years ago, one of the first in Los Angeles, in order to provide an effective alternative therapy to battling Major Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, & CRPS, amongst many other conditions. My motive for starting the Ketamine Healing Clinic was personal- I watched family members and friends over the years battle Depression and Anxiety without relief from standard therapies and treatments.

There are many clinics now around the country offering Ketamine treatments. Be wary of those that have you seen by anyone other than a Physician- the Medical Director should see you both before and after an infusion to determine the correct dose. Additionally, many clinics adhere to a formula of 0.5 mg per kilogram, not taking into account a patient's medication profile or tolerance level. Some provide the Ketamine with an intramuscular injection, while others provide it through the nasal route. The most efficacious route is intravenously over one hour.

Here at the Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles, we believe each patient needs a tailored approach. Therefore Ketamine infusions are not made until after I speak with you before each infusion, and typically start above 0.5 mg/kg, the required dose for most patients to respond to Ketamine. Dosage is increased with every visit as tolerated. At the Ketamine Healing Clinic we also believe that a significant part of the therapeutic mechanism is the dissociative experience. Thus after each session I speak to you about your epiphanies and thoughts during the infusion journey, as discussing them has beneficial effects.

Following conclusion of the infusion series many patients see a sustained, long term benefit without the need for supplemental Ketamine. Some may need to microdose occasionally and that is why we are one of only a few clinics in the world to offer the at-home Ketamine nasal spray (aerosolized generic Ketamine which is different from "Spravato"). The at-home spray is meant to decrease the number and cost of supplemental infusions some patients need after their initial infusion series.

I invite you for a no cost phone consultation. Please email or call me if you have any questions:, 866-987-7874.

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