Ulysses M.

Ketamine is practically a lifesaver for me. I’ve been diagnosed with and suffering from severe depression for almost 10 years now. I have been prescribed numerous medications and treatments prescribed by my psychiatrist. Unfortunately, none of the medication cocktails worked for me. Initially, they alleviated some of the symptoms but seemed to stop being effective after some time. The rest just made me numb, uncaring, distant, and did not feel like I was alive. Worse, they did not get rid of the suicidal thoughts. I had them every single day, as soon as I woke up in the morning.

I decided to try Ketamine in April of this year. The initial treatment consisted of 6 infusions and after the first 3, I felt that my depressive episodes were becoming less frequent, less in intensity, and shorter in duration. I completed the remaining 3 infusions and opted for a monthly maintenance infusion. After 2 months, I noticed a huge positive change in my mood and somehow felt more aware and connected once again to my family. My wife would always mention that I was more “present”, especially around our daughter. More importantly, the suicidal thoughts were virtually gone. As Dr. David Mahjoubi stressed out, there would still be occasional depressive episodes. But no matter how bad they got, there were no thoughts of killing myself. Finally, by the end of June, I stopped taking all of my medications.

Currently, even with few and far between episodes, I don’t feel numb and I can actually think and do meaningful work. I started to work out again and take up a new hobby.

None of this would have been possible were it not for the expertise and care of Dr. David Mahjoubi. There are numerous ketamine clinics in Los Angeles but what drew me to his was his website. It is thorough and explains everything from the procedure, what to expect, and the costs. From a patient’s standpoint, I found that reassuring. During the initial consultation, he was upfront and honest about the effectiveness of the treatment. But what mattered the most to me as a patient is his care, empathy, and his willingness to LISTEN. Before or after a treatment, he spends time to answer questions or address any concerns, which is very rare nowadays. In addition, I can communicate with him either by email or text. The cost of his treatment is reasonable compared to other clinics.

He and his assistants make me feel that “they are there for me”. My experience at his clinic is always positive and comforting.

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