J M.

Ketamine Healing has been amazing for me in many ways; it’s completely cured my PTSD, made a dramatic dent in anxiety and OCD, and helped a great deal with depression. If you’ve checked out all the doctors doing these treatments, you’ll appreciate that Dr. M. is the best. He adjusts dosing depending on what you have going on and follows up with nasal spray and/or pills that work really well, all in addition to checking how you’re doing. He also doesn’t have the annoying cameras on you that other providers have (not a fan), and it’s a much more private and quiet environment for treatment than other clinics. Other places have that ketamine mill feel with many people in and out all the time, and it’s disruptive to the infusion process in a way that makes you not want to go back. With Dr. M, there’s none of that–it’s flexible and easy. It’s also always been nice that he doesn’t push package deals on you to infuse in person–almost every other provider does, and it comes across as very transactional rather than personalized for your care. Dr. M cares about making it helpful and affordable.

I get infusions several times a month, and it’s well worth the investment for me. My depression is not completely fixed, but it’s dramatically improved most of the time, and when I get really bad, Dr. M definitely helps me back out of it. And my quality of life has changed amazingly since I started working with him almost a year ago. Highly recommend you check it out if you’ve been thinking about treating depression with K–it took me six months before I tried it after hearing about it, and now I wish I’d started it sooner. Very grateful!

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