Lisa G.

Anybody can hang an IV drip, but think what sets this clinic apart is the kindness of the staff and the Dr. The doctor actually looks you in the eye, smiles at you, and asks about how you are doing. I called around and called another clinic, and was given minimal information and told they would call me back in two weeks! Dr. answered my questions immediately, and in person – even over a weekend. Who does that anymore?

Ketamine is Ketamine wherever you go I’m sure, but it is better to get it in a safe, nurturing environment, than some mean, frazzled, place where you will just be a number. I would want the last face before I go on some mind-altering journey to be a kind, pleasant smiling face…what if it was some mean scary person? It could give one nightmares!!

Almost hate to share as don’t want everyone else to discover, as then they could end up like the other places, and too busy, but in a world that sometimes seems so cold, the Ketamine Healing Clinic of L.A. is anything but that. Always have to give credit when credit is due, and KHCLA is stellar.

There is a lot of stigma with mental health, depression, etc. but even doctors sometimes blow their brains out. Ketamine tx is a game changer.

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